Voices Together music therapy model, VOICSS, has been coined a best practice. Seamlessly integrating music and language development, our program promotes critical communication skills while helping develop student’s social/emotional education.

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What is Voices Together?

Voices Together is a Path to Language in Autism. "Since Riley began Voices Together, he has made progress in many areas of social development and communication. Today, instead of succumbing to a meltdown, he tells us, 'I am frustrated.' After his first day at a summer day camp, he told us excitedly about how his 'friend from Voices Together' was attending the same program. We have noted marked increases in eye contact, initiation of conversations, patience in waiting for his turn to speak, and many other areas which have long been a struggle for him." - Parent

June Atkinson Visit

Recently, we welcomed Dr. June Atkinson, North Carolina Superintendent for Public Instruction, to an observation in Alamance County. It was a wonderful experience to observe and discuss our program model with Dr. Atkinson, teachers, specialists, and school board members.

Best Practice

"I believe that this program is an innovative educational model that can be used in all classrooms. I have seen students in special education classrooms increase vital skills from one session to the next. This is a best practice in education."

-Jan Riggsbee, Ed.D, Duke University

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