Upcoming Events

Music @ Big Purple, September 30th @ 7pm

Featuring Lyn Koonce & Friends, Jeff Tillman, and Jack Gorham

Location: Big Purple, 812 Olive Street, Greensboro, NC

Wine Tasting presented by Don Lahey, internationally known wine expert!

All proceeds benefit the Voices Together Brenna Currie Scholarship Fund!

For tickets, contact Jo Ann Currie at jocurrie@me.com

Keep checking back for updates on school concerts, holiday performances, special events, and more! 

Questions? Contact Vicki Parks at operations@voicestogether.net and 919-942-2714


Don Lahey’s career in the wine industry spans over 30 years as an importer, author, consultant, and educator.  His career in wine began long before his first job in the wine industry. In addition, Don and the tasting panels he directs pair various foods and wines together, drawing upon Don’s extensive restaurant experience to provide memorable accompaniments to each month’s wine selections.

Don is able to utilize his extensive experience as an educator, importer, retailer, restaurateur, and professional taster to bring members a myriad of exciting and interesting wines each month. He continues to travel to the world’s premier wine producing regions to taste and meet personally many of the winemakers and personalities whose wines we have either featured or are considering. All this Don does for the love of wine and the joy there is in sharing fine wine with those who enjoy it as much as he does.


Jack Gorham has been writing music of one kind or another since he was in elementary school in Detroit, Michigan. Even as a kid, he recognized music as a way to connect with people and his surroundings, as well as sort out things happening in his life. These things still hold true in Gorham’s work today. About five years ago, he discovered the Winston-Salem Piedmont Triad Chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International). This group of songwriters works to improve its members’ craft by presenting songs for critique at a monthly meeting. For Gorham, presenting music to this group became motivation to produce a song for review each month. As a result he has built up a healthy catalog of original tunes. If you do the math and account for only a few missed meetings Gorham has around 60 songs to his credit. Themes that appear regularly in his work are love, time and place. Although his songs are packed with vivid imagery, his use of metaphor, symbolism and double entendre gives listeners room to interpret the meanings of his songs as their own. His music often draws comparisons as divergent in style as Billy Joel and Randy Newman to Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. He performs not only as a solo act, but with several bands including The Eldorados, Shaken and Stirred, The Kirk Ridge Band, The Plank Road Ramblers and Stained Glass Canoe. Gorham makes regular appearances at Doodad Farm and the open mic at Common Grounds where he works the kinks out of new material.

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