Jeanne Johnston

Jeanne has a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University in business and a Masters in Public Affairs from University of North Carolina Greensboro.


After 25 years travelling in the corporate sector, Jeanne did field research and internships during her MPA program in downtown development, grant writing and nonprofit organizational structuring.


Jeanne is extremely skilled in the creation and execution of strategic plans for businesses, nonprofit sectors and is experienced in the preparation of printed materials and branding for campaigns and community involvement.


Jeanne’s strategic skills involve review and analysis of fundraising models with models ranging from human services, museums to economic development organizations.  Jeanne’s organizational skills include relationship building, observation and strong listening skills. Jeanne’s fundraising belief lies in the ongoing communication with donors and helping them to realize their dream of giving back in the manner that feeds their own soul and helps to achieve goals for the organization and ultimately the community.


Jeanne loves to hike, bike, and kayak all around North Carolina along with her newly acquired skill for oil painting.

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