Since 2007, Voices Together’s leading-edge model helps with the development of language skills and the identification and expression of emotions and social engagement.

VT in Education: In-School Program

Our evidence-based program model has helped students with special needs and learning difficulties by addressing critical communication and social-emotional skills that enable students to become strong self-advocates, become independent adults and experience full community participation. Voices Together is recognized as an innovator in serving students with special needs. Learn More.

VT in the Community: Community Program

Group music therapy sessions are offered in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill for children, teens and adults. Groups are created based on the ages, and goals of each client.  Learn More.

VT – Vocational Training

Voices Together is now a provider for PETS – Pre Employment Transition Services through the Dept. of Health & Human Services Vocational Rehabilitation Division. VOICSS Therapists use counseling skills to validate participants as they learn how to manage emotions, self-regulate their behavior, and ask for help. Basic social rules, such as greeting, listening, turn taking and gaining someone’s attention are also covered as well as interview skills and job seeking strategies. The curriculum is designed to build skills sequentially.

Need help?

Please contact us to discuss any questions about your account, billing, music therapists, schedules or any ways in which we can make your Voices Together experience more enjoyable.

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