Voices Together is operating remotely and providing all services virtually during the pandemic.

Voices Together

“Teachers and regional administrators for exceptional children are requesting Voices Together motivational, engaging learning experience for their students as it also provides students with transitional skills they need in school, at home and in their communities.”

Mary Watson, (Retired) North Carolina Director of Exceptional Children

Voices Together offers a proprietary, evidence-based music therapy model – VOICSS® – developed by founder and CEO, Yasmine White. Voices Together utilizes an evidence-based therapeutic model that research has confirmed enables significant improvement in social/emotional learning, communication, and self-advocacy in children, teens, and adults. The mission of Voices Together is to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to transform their own lives. 

White founded the nonprofit Voices Together in 2007 to make this unique therapy widely available, particularly to children and young adults who also experience economic disadvantage.

A seven-member board of directors represents and advocate for our organization in the larger community. It serves as fiduciary of our organization and ensures that we advance our mission effectively.

A 13-member Advisory Council provides valuable insights, support and expertise that inform the growth and development of our programs.

Voices Together engages and trains only board-certified music therapists, trained in our model, to deliver this unique and evidence-based therapeutic service.

Since 2007, these talented individuals have used VOICSS® to improve the lives of 6,000 individuals who have Autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and learning disabilities.