Change Starts with Education

Thanks to the support of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust and Duke University we are kicking off a fundraising campaign to expand and strengthen our education programs. By leveraging community resources we will increase student achievement, create opportunities, and build capacity in public education classrooms nationwide.

The Problem

Language Development and Communication

Language development is one of the most significant processes of childhood development. Children with delayed speech development are more at risk of acquiring other cognitive, social-emotional, and school-related problems.

“A study conducted in Durham Public Schools by Duke researchers in 2015 showed that provision of the Voices Together program resulted in significant increases in communication skill among children with developmental disabilities. The mean improvement reflected a change from one word to phrase speech.”

-Dr. Geraldine Dawson
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Pediatrics, Psychology and Neuroscience
Director, Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development
Duke University School of Medicine
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Social and Emotional Education

A child’s ability to understand, manage, and express the social and emotional aspects of their lives has a direct impact on their ability to successfully manage life tasks including the child’s ability to learn, form relationships, solve everyday problems, and adapt to the complex demands of society.

Music is more than a leisure activity. It is more than verbal counseling. It is a sophisticated cognitive, linguistic, social and psychological treatment.

The Solution

Our evidence-based program model helps students by addressing critical communication and social-emotional skills that enable students to become strong self-advocates, become independent adults and experience full community participation.

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