Early Intervention

VOICSS® in Early Intervention is a program targeted for 3-5 year olds that motivates each child to expand their language, socialization, and expression of emotions. Music engages a child in a creative and positive experience that increases participation and produces results. A child must be able to take what they have learned and generalize at home, and in all parts of their life, or the effect will not be as deep. Parents in our last pilot program witnessed their child’s increased ability to communicate. As one parent said, “I have seen so much growth in my son after joining Voices Together at such a young age. It has helped my son talk about his emotions without prompt, become more confident in a group and behave much better outside the house. He is so happy when he knows he is going to a Voices Together session.”


The Sessions

One Voices Together music therapists will be assigned to each classroom and will offer a thirty to forty-five minute session, once a week. Therapists will assess and adjust size of sessions as necessary. Voices Together assumes competency for all children, challenging them to make decisions. The program is structured and interactive with choices for children of all functioning levels. Each session is conducted in a quiet space with smaller groups.

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Voices Together will be operating remotely until further notice. If you would like to contact us, please call (919) 942-2714 and leave a message. You can also reach us by email at info@voicestogether.net. Thank you for your understanding!