Heather Rudkowski

Heather is our Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services) Program Coordinator.  She’s a northern girl in a southern world! Born and raised in Massachusetts, she moved to North Carolina in 2012. She has had almost 20 years in customer service and retail, but the most challenging job she’s had is being a Mom to six boys. Two of her sons were diagnosed as having autism at the ages of 7 and 12. It was a huge relief to finally get answers to a lot of the challenges they had faced. She has been busy educating herself about autism, and she loves the unique quality that each and every person brings to the table. Heather was honored to be able to observe a class with our Sr. Music Therapist, Katie Muir. The connection between the students and the music therapist was simply amazing, and it helped her to understand why her sons had always been soothed by music. Heather loves to see our music therapists helping the students find their voices. Her job as an administrative assistant has her helping out in a variety of tasks, but her main focus is on our Pre-ETS program and the record keeping involved.  Outside of work, she enjoys reading, exploring the area with friends, volunteering at her sons’ schools and going on adventures with her boys.

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