Sierra Laricchiuti, MT-BC

Sierra Laricchiuti, MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist currently serving the clients of Voices Together. She presents a therapeutic presence of warmth and compassion to foster and encourage success amongst clients. She implements her counseling skills acquired from working with acute populations to allow the clients to feel heard and validated when communicating their feelings. She also hopes to continue her work and interest in counseling for bereavement and trauma.

Q:  What are the qualifications for becoming a music therapist and how did you attain them?

In order to become a board-certified music therapist, a Bachelor’s Degree is obtained from an accredited university, a six-month internship is completed, and the board certification exam must be passed.

I acquired my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy at Appalachian State University and completed my clinical internship at Big Bend Hospice of Tallahassee, Florida. During my internship and professional experience in the mental health setting, I’ve grown to understand the importance of fostering healthy family and client relationships in order to achieve the best therapeutic outcomes.

Q: What do you love about music therapy?

I love that music therapy provides new opportunities for clients to be successful in unique ways, I love the creative space that it provides for expression, and I especially love the connection between client and therapist that only music can foster.

Q: Do you have a preferred population? Why?

Great question! I’ve always been told that each therapist has a population that they prefer, however, I’ve yet to find one that hasn’t left a special imprint on my heart. There are needs amongst so many individuals, and I’m immensely grateful that this career path has prepared me for and allows me the flexibility to work with many different populations efficiently.

Q: What you enjoy about working at Voices Together as an organization and your role at Voices Together?

I enjoy being involved in and observing the progress obtained through the program itself. It’s incredible to see what an individual is capable of through encouragement and a unique approach. I’m incredibly grateful that we are always striving to learn more about our clients while providing them space to find out more about who they are.

Q: What other interests do you have outside music therapy?

 In my free time, I love to create watercolor stationary, cook with my husband, and spend quality time with my friends and family. I’ve also been fortunate enough to volunteer with Transitions Life Care, which serves several counties around the triangle. It’s a great way to meet new people who have incredible hearts for helping families in need.

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