Voices Together is operating remotely and providing all services virtually during the pandemic.

Voices Together

VOICSS®(Vocal Interactive Communication and Social Strategies) is a proprietary music therapy model developed by Voices Together founder and CEO Yasmine White. It empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to express themselves and engage with others while giving them tools to transform their own lives.

Voices Together’s VOICSS®-trained music therapists use this specialized method to enable students at all levels to improve their communication, social and emotional skills so they can engage meaningfully with their community and life.

Research affirms that students who participate in our sessions just 30 minutes a week significantly improve academically and socially in only six to 12 months. Our programs empower individuals to increase focused attention, advocate for their needs and engage appropriately with peers.

Our vocational training program helps young people build soft skills such as communication skills (nonverbal and verbal), teamwork, confidence, self-advocacy and problem solving for transitioning successfully to a work setting.

VOICSS® works because we:

  • Use a song structure that creates a natural speaking and listening therapy, making social conversation easy.
  • Employ a specialized curriculum that blends functional living and learning skills with a music therapy model.
  • Offer a group structure that creates community.
  • Engage talented, board-certified music therapists trained in our proprietary VOICSS® method to deliver this therapy.
  • Partner with leading university researchers to inform and validate our client-centered, non-directive (vs. behavior modification), evidenced-based approach.

Research has established VOICSS® as a best practice.

The North Carolina Department of Education, The Autism Society of North Carolina, and the ARC of North Carolina endorse Voices Together programming.

Contact us at (919) 942-2714 or to find out how our approach can support your needs.