Voices Together is operating remotely and providing all services virtually during the pandemic.

Voices Together

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“I have gotten better at being patient while getting to use my passion for singing. It’s easy to make friends with everyone at Voices Together.”

Robbie, Community Group Member

Voices Together’s VOICSS® in the Community program delivers our proprietary music therapy model to any individual age five or older who wants to build and increase social-communication, emotional identification and expression, and self-advocacy skills to empower their lives.


Community group sessions meet once a week throughout the year in communal spaces provided by Voices Together partners (churches, YMCAs, event spaces, etc.).

Weekly sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on group goals, needs and age. They focus on communication skills and development toward speech, improving social skills, increasing cognitive development and promoting self-advocacy. 

Each group consists of four to 10 clients (smaller group sizes for younger clients). Our VOICSS®-trained music therapists provide a predictable schedule for clients to express their thoughts and feelings, learn and become successful as they progress toward their goals each week. Workers and parents are welcome and encouraged to observe and participate, depending on client support needs. 


VOICSS® in the Community sessions cost $25 per session. As a nonprofit, Voices Together receives some grant funding that can help organizations offset these costs. Some scholarships are available through our Brenna Currie Scholarship Fund.

How to Enroll

Contact Voices Together at or (919) 942-2714 to set up your first session for free.

Our Community Coordinator will put you in contact with the VOICSS®-trained music therapist leading the community group session you are interested in to schedule your first session.

Already tried your first free session and loved it? Enroll online in a VOICSS® in the Community program.

How to Start a VOICSS® in the Community Program

VOICSS® in the Community programs require at least three consistent participants.

Contact Voices Together at or (919) 942-2714 to discuss how we can bring our program to your community or partner with your organization to serve individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.